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We believe that litigation and discovery data need deep investigation, meaning that is measurable, and prepared minds to draw clarity from complexity. In the pursuit of meaning, insight and wisdom rise above.


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With a passion for redefining excellence and strategic innovation, we exist to expand client potential by removing barriers to success. Discover next-level service and resources. Succeed at every turn.

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In everything we do, we believe in moving the world forward through the power of wisdom. We create higher outcomes for our clients and partners by aligning interests and by taking a big-picture, holistic view.

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With deep industry experience that spans the evolution of eDiscovery, we deliver unparalleled insight and expertise to inspire, accelerate transformation, and foster enduring success.

Top Legal IT Consulting Firm

Sandline Global is a legal IT consulting firm specializing in iManage and eDiscovery. With our global network of offices and data centers in Frankfurt, Washington D.C., New York, Taipei, Dubai, and Karachi, we implement iManage projects in law firms and in legal departments with our local expertise. The projects are complemented by our Litera partnership, where we provide ideal automation and support to professionals in their daily tasks. Our Product and Services include ForensicseDiscovery Managed ServicesPrivacy ConsultingLegal Document Management Solutions, Managed Review.
In perfect symbiosis with iManage and the iManage Cloud, our IT – Forensics experts are also a leading global mid-sized consulting firm for end-to-end eDiscovery requirements, be it internal investigations of any kind, the preparation and analysis of data by multinational teams or the identification of facts in internal investigations through the interaction of Artificial and Human Intelligence.


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Are you thinking what we’re thinking? From articles and white papers to podcasts and company news, the search for clarity and meaning is always on. Explore our insights to rethink your own business possibilities.

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As staff attorneys and litigators to technologists and thorough investigators, we’ve sat where you sit but also witnessed the entire evolution of eDiscovery. From NYC to Frankfurt and Taipei, meet the global minds driving our culture and game-changing expertise.

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